Friday, July 20, 2007

Wallflowers redux

OK, I have a few minutes here, so out of the thousand things I could be doing (like, for example, sleeping), I thought I would follow up on the wallpapers. Drum roll, please.
  1. Kitchen (now ripped off! see photo)
  2. Office
  3. Old entryway
  4. Bedroom hallway
  5. 2nd bedroom
  6. Main bathroom
  7. Closet panels in master bedroom
  8. Dining room and utility area
Curtains are in the living room.

My vote for the ugliest is #6, the main bathroom. Fortunately, there's only a small amount of it relative to the other rooms. The rest of the bathroom walls are taken up by only slightly ugly tiles. And just in case there isn't enough wallpaper, there are remnants in the attic of almost every one except the kitchen, plus one I haven't found (yet).

Based on the comments, #6 is the winner. Special kudos to Darling24_7 who did a great job of guessing what paper went in what room.

Another vote will be coming soon!

P.S. Have I mentioned I don't like flowers (except real ones)?


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