Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We have written since the snows of winter

... though not yet through the kingdom of Murcia.

We have snow!  We are excited!  This, by my standards, is great weather, something we've been a little short of for the past few years.

I love the snow - for me, it's everything all the storybooks claim and more.  It makes everything look beautiful.  All is muffled, quieted.  The air is crisp, cold, and life-affirming.  I put on all my gear and go out just to be in it.  Many years ago, when I was living in Connecticut, we had a snowstorm starting in the afternoon.  By early evening, the snow had accumulated, and everything was blanketed fluffy white, and it was still snowing.  I had gotten home from work, had dinner, and told my roommate I was going out.  I put on my longjohns and trousers, turtleneck and pullover, parka, snowboots, and hat, to the sound of my roommate telling me how crazy I was. When it snows at night, at least near cities, the whole sky is light.  I walked through the soft flakes, feeling the crunch, crunch under my feet, smelling the cold air, looking up to the bright sky, reveling in it all.

I have never lost that feeling.  In fact, I believe I have found something.  I seem to have a talent for building snow creatures.  Remember the fish I made a few years back, when we had enough snow to do so?  This time I was inspired to make a bunny - perhaps by Bagheera.  I am really pleased:


Lauren made an Octopus called "Octo":

What's wrong with this octopus?
And a snow fort:
That was on the first day - Friday, Jan 18th.  I couldn't post this blog entry any earlier because there was some problem with Blogger uploading photos. 


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