Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dazed and confused

I return from Texas, having not had Internet access, catching up on my emails and such. In my semi-conscious state, I read the answer to a question I asked of a commenter on my blog, that is, who are you? (You know who you are, I did not post the latest response to protect your privacy.) I got the answer.
The name is the same of someone I knew in high school. But it seems unlikely that it is the same person, for a number of reasons.
The problem is, there is no way for me to communicate directly with this person. So I continue to be in the dark, with the exception of a name, which is too common to Google.
I guess this is one of the hazards of blogging. I must say I am complimented that there are people reading my blog that I have not expressly given the link to.
Here's to you, Mystery Commenter!


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